League of Legends Coaching

League of Legends Coaching

If you’d like to learn more about League of Legends coaching, you’ve come to the right place. Gamer Sensei coaches have undergone a 5 step application process, and their skills and teamfight tactics are second to none. They have the skills to help you get the edge in team fights, and they can teach you the winning strategies that will allow you to climb the LOL ladder slowly but surely. There are many different types of teaching methods available, so you can choose the best one for you.


Considering getting League of Legends coaching? Probably. Competitive gamers want to be at the top of their game, but sometimes it can be challenging to know where to start. That’s where GamerSensei comes in. With its League of Legends coaching, players can become better at the game in as little as two weeks. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring a coach and how it can help you become a top player.

Gamer Sensei offers one-on-one coaching sessions with professional League of Legends players. They match players with a trainer or coach based on their skill level, and provide detailed training on important game strategies. The coaches are also able to provide insights and tips on the changes that will be hitting the live servers on March 2.

eGG-one school

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing in the top division, you’ve probably heard of the eGG-One School for League of Legends. The online school boasts of 250 different coaches, from mid laners to ADCs, who can teach you how to be better in this competitive game. And if you’ve never played eSports before, you can learn from professional players too. eGG-One’s own professional player, YellOwStaR, played for Fnatic and Team SoloMid.

If you’re new to the game or simply want to brush up on your strategy, you can sign up for League Coaching. The coaches at the eGG-one school have been playing the game for years, and they’ll help you become better than ever. You can even join a ranked team and participate in the coaching sessions together. This kind of League of Legends coaching has become very popular in recent years. Many coaches earn a great deal of money teaching students how to play this popular online game.


After a brief spell as a streamer for Cloud9, Sneakylol was rumored to return to pro play in 2019. The former player has not confirmed the report yet. The player began playing League of Legends when it was still in beta. His first game was a disaster. There was no map and he could only see champions, towers, and minions. After playing the same champions over, Sneaky got bored and switched to Gangplank. In the NA LCS summer split, he helped the team qualify for the finals, but he was defeated by the same team in the semi-finals.

Coaches who want to boost their League of Legends skills can hire a former professional player like Sneakylol. This former professional played on some of the best NA teams in history. He enjoys watching good television shows and enjoys playing video games. If you’d like to become a professional gamer, you can also learn from Sneakylol by signing up for his coaching course.


In addition to his video series, NEACE has also published numerous academic videos and started his own YouTube channel, League of Legends Challenger Coaching. He has helped more than 7,000 gamers this year. NEACE charges $250 per live coaching session and $300 per private lesson. His boot camps run for four days and cost $700. In the video below, Neace responds to critics who are critical of his prices.

“Neace” is one of the most popular League of Legends coaches on the market. A viewer questioned Tyler T1 about the effectiveness of his service, and he explained that lower-elo players would be far better served by a game trainer. However, Tyler T1 did not like this practice, and he called them “dumba** bums.”