Fursys Office Consulting Group

The FURSYS Office Consulting Group has a lot to offer. From office furniture to home furniture, from custom and novelty t-shirts to school supplies, from office signage to ergonomics, it’s all here. For the curious, Fursys has a global footprint, including a small but growing presence in Southeast Asia. A large part of this is the Fursys Foreign Goods Service, a nifty little program that manages the bulk of the furniture export business. With a small but dedicated staff, the FGS manages a small but steady stream of extra income each month.

To round out the picture, Fursys has a stellar product lineup, and a robust and scalable business model. Not only does the company provide a wide selection of furniture, but it also provides expert advice, the aforementioned FGS and a slew of other services aimed at https://www.fursys.com easing the stress associated with the import of goods and services. Those who wish to do business with the Fursys office consulting group should expect a high quality experience, delivered on time and on budget.

Fursys is a worthy contender for the title of best office furniture manufacturer in the greater Seoul area. This is a testament to the quality of the company’s products and their commitment to quality construction. As one of Korea’s leading office furniture manufacturers, they have the right tools and the knowhow to make your office furniture dreams a reality. So, if you’re looking for the latest and greatest office furniture, be sure to call the Fursys office consulting group today.

The FURSYS Office Consulting Group, located in Seoul, South Korea, has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. One of these includes a full service foreign goods services department that can help companies set up their own international offices. Fursys has also been supporting the growth of some of the country’s most respected Korean enterprises.

The company’s offerings include a wide array of office furniture, as well as a selection of home furnishings and a number of school related solutions. Aside from furnishing your office space, you can rest easy knowing that your furnishings are of the highest quality and are guaranteed for life. In fact, the company is so confident in its products and services that it even provides post-sale warranties. It’s not uncommon to find Fursys delivering furniture solutions to clients in over 60 countries around the world. As the company grows, it is looking to enter new markets such as the U.S. and China, while keeping a close eye on its domestic markets.

Fursys is a jack of all trades when it comes to manufacturing a wide range of functional and stylish furnishings. From high end conference tables to office chairs, Fursys has got your back. What’s more, it has been able to maintain the quality of its products through a strict quality control system. Moreover, it’s dedication to customer service is unsurpassed, ensuring that its clients are pampered from top to bottom.