Eastport Financial Group has a great reputation for putting their clients first

Eastport Financial Group, founded by Jonathan Lewis, is a firm that focuses on helping clients live financially healthy lives. They offer a wide range of services, including wealth management, retirement planning and estate planning.

They are a team of experts who work with their clients to ensure that they have a strong foundation and plan in place to help them achieve their goals. They also work to keep their clients up to date on the latest changes in the financial industry.

The company focuses on helping clients https://www.eastportfinancialgroup.com/keel-magazine/group-benefits/how-group-benefits-impact-payroll-department navigate through life events such as a divorce, the loss of a loved one, and the decision to start or buy a business. They do this by guiding their clients through change and teaching them how to adapt to it without cutting corners.

This firm is also committed to making a difference in the community. They are involved in several initiatives, such as the JDWL Foundation. They donate money to local charities and also accept donations from clients.

Their team consists of professionals with over 220 years of experience in the industry. They include strategic wealth planners, tax and estate integration professionals, business and leadership coaches, and retirement experts. They are all dedicated to helping their clients reimagine their wealth and add meaning to their lives.

They have a wealth of resources available for their clients, including an education center with helpful articles and regular market watch blogs. They also host their own radio show and podcast, so they are able to provide their clients with tips and advice that can make a huge difference in their finances.

Eastport Financial Group has a great reputation for putting their clients first and providing the best possible service. They are a firm that specializes in serving clients 50 and up, so they understand the unique challenges that older clients may face when it comes to their finances.

Having a strong understanding of Social Security benefits is important for people when they are thinking about retirement. They can help their clients maximize their Social Security earnings so that they are able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle during their retirement.